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EDGE Management is a group of progressive agricultural business people who meet quarterly, as a Board of Directors, to review performance and ensure business strategy and operations of member businesses are in line with their stated vision. EDGE is run by farmers, for farmers who are progressive and open minded.
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Benefits of EDGE Management as reported by members

> Improved profitability and wealth creation strategies.
> Improved motivation and business leadership.
> Empowerment to implement strategy and decreased management isolation.
> Accountability for focus on implementation of plan.
> Strong personal growth.
> Access to expanded network of peers and service providers.
> Implementation of effective succession plans.
> Targeted education and skill development.
> Equip members with a suite of tools that sharpen thought processes, focus analysis, and support business planning and task implementation.
> Expose members to peer review and support in a confidential environment.
> Enable identification of opportunities for internal and external co-operation and strategic alliances and business growth.
> Access to a range of specialist skills.
> Opportunities for collaboration/joint venture with other members

What does EDGE Management do?

> EDGE Management provides a board of directors for your agricultural business
> Members of EDGE Management are grouped into Boards of between five and six businesses
> These Boards meet on a quarterly basis to review financials and resolve current challenges
> The other businesses on your Board serve as your Board of directors
> You are a Board member for the other businesses in your group
> The sharing of your knowledge is critical to helping other members of your Board
> Businesses involved in EDGE Management are spread across NSW and cover a range from livestock to cropping and mixed enterprises • Disclosure of financial and personal information is on a strictly confidential basis
> Qualified facilitators are available who specialise in areas such as; Accounting, Benchmarking, Farm ratios, Psychology and Succession Planning.

Testimonial from a member

“The benefits of Edge Management to our business are multiple. The peer review the board offers has brought a greater level of accountability to our decision making. The professional instruction from our facilitators has improved my ability to understand the true financial position of our business, and the injection of innovative ideas from other Edge members have all combined to improve our bottom line.” ~ Rob and Jenny Houghton, Leeton NSW